That girl who tryed to kill herself once. That girl who thinks she doesn't deserve anything good. That girl who pushes people away because she believes that they deserve better. That girl who cries herself to sleep. That girl who wants to die.

I am happy. I went to the seaside with my cousin (he lives there), and there was another cousin and her friend. I adore them. I am free. Yesterday we sat at the beach for like six hours and we drank wine and ate cookies and wached sunset. It was perfect. Matea bought me like 4 packs of ciggaretes (adore her), ivan was talking all the time (he never speaks), he was soooo funny i love him and tena is a total sweetheart. My life is great right now, and for the fisrt time in months i actually forgot about the dissorser. I don’t even think about it. And the most important, I don’t wanna die.